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Looking for the right quote to start your day? You’ve come to the right place! Morning has categorized each quote by topic, from inspiring , motivational , uplifting and positive to birthday and good morning . We’ve also tagged each quote with their author. You may also search by context. Read more about using these tactics below and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Feedburner!

Find Quotes by Author

Find our quotes by author index that’s organized A-Z. This index lists quotes by each authors name, for example Abraham Lincoln quotes or Albert Einstein quotes. You may also search by author at the top of each page.

Search Through Categories

Below the search bar on each page is a list of our most popular categories. You may also view a full list of our categories on the left sidebar of each page in the tabbed container. Try searching ‘quotes about life‘ and see what we have!

Contextual Searches

Know a part of the quote you’re looking for? Interested in a specific topic or idea? Search what you know of a quote and we’ll serve you the most relevant quotes!

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We have recently implemented a feature allowing users to vote on their favorite quotes. To mark a quote as one you love, click the heart icon and it will turn red signifying your vote has been submitted. You can also share a quote on Facebook easy by clicking .)

What’s your favorite way to find good morning quotes? We welcome your feedback and are excited to bring you our favorite morning quotes each day.

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